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Video stills from the memorable Melbu Elektronika Festival 2012 in Melbu, Northern Norway.
Big thanks to the organizers, technicians - including DJ Pieski for filming - and a great crowd!

Video stills: dancing and breakdance battle - at Prestengbrygga, Kabelvåg on the 5th of May 2012.
Thanks to DJ Pieski for filming and the lively crowd for a challenging gig.


All photos taken by Matti Aikio at a concert performance in May at Hålogaland Theatre at the "Undervekst" event in Tromsø.
Thanks to organizers Anette Tunheim Jakobsen and Øivind Sjøvoll.
Slim Kerk HT

Slim Kerk HT 3


All images from Slim Kerk's first public concert performance in Tromsø in what was then known as the Hotdog Culture Kiosk.
Big thanks to Espen Justdal who was the main organizer of this event.
Slim Kerk Hotdog 2009Slim Kerk Hotdog 2009

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